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LemonTwist10 Mon 03-Dec-18 17:38:07

Hey peeps,

I wanted to ask whether you have had treatment at the above clinic?

If so, did you and your partner have to complete screening blood tests? My partner and I are same sex, I completed tests, however, due to a few cock ups they are having to repeat my blood tests again for free as mistakes made of their part meant treatment would happen after they expired.

Just as we are due to start IUI in a couple of weeks, they have stated my female partner also requires blood tests in line with HFEA requirements. I contacted HFEA and they informed me this is not part of their requirements. I confronted the clinic who said this was part of their licence requirements and not HFEA, I also asked why this was never mentioned before at any consultation, treatment talk and so on, they did not know how to respond, I mean literal stammering.

Can someone kindly share their views, opinions and experiences please.

Thanks x

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LemonTwist10 Mon 03-Dec-18 17:41:07

Just to add, we believe they are attempting to charge us for blood tests to make the money back which they will lose from having to fund my blood tests.

Another things, I had blood tests for 4 things which totalled £190 and my partner is being tested for 5 things totalling £155 it has not been explained where the discrepancy is.

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PoppyJ1 Mon 10-Dec-18 12:08:45

Hi there,

I had a horrible experience with this clinic in Jan 2016. I had had an incomplete miscarriage and needed a scan and a prescription for a pill to pass the pregnancy. As we finished, the doctor, completely unsolicited, stated that my ovaries were very small for my age, indicating severely low ovarian reserve for my age and I should not wait for than a month to conceive again. I was utterly distraught already and went into a panic and cried myself to sleep on what was the night before my 35th birthday. He also screwed up the prescription so I almost didn't get the pill.

I was so terrified of the ovarian reserve issue that I got further checks. My AMH levels were tested at UCLH and came back excellent for my age, as did three antral follicle counts in both NHS and private clinics, as did three FSH blood tests. I got pregnant again 19 months later after some unrelated issues but sadly lost the baby due to a fetal abnormality which was described as a fluke in utero event and not genetic. I also learned from a number of medical sources that ovarian reserve cannot be assessed on ovary size alone.

While I haven't been successful yet, I honestly believe that what I was told at Concept was complete rubbish and very badly handled.

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