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Parenting agreements before baby arrives

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Londoncheesehead Mon 03-Dec-18 13:46:37

Hi - I'm looking into setting up a parenting agreement between my current partner and I before the baby arrives. We conceived the baby through IVF but are a romantic couple (but not married) and we live together (moved in after positive pregnancy result, which both of us are very happy about).

Everything is fine, but I would feel more secure agreeing what co-parenting would look like if we did break up - ie basic financial agreement, time, philosophy, etc. I want to make sure we're in a really good spot financially in case something unexpected happens.

I know this sounds slightly crazy, but having been through a painful divorce before, I just want to have something in place that means we're on the same page and that I can rely on if things did go south.

Does anyone have experience with parenting agreements put in place with a partner before any split happens? Exactly like a prenup?

Thank you.

viques Tue 04-Dec-18 13:11:25

If you really want to secure watertight agreements about finance, child care responsibilities etc if "things go south" the most sensible thing you can do is get married. It's a bit of paper that carries legal heft, unlike a bit of paper that sets out your philosophy of child rearing which is a piece of paper.........

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