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Cutesbabasmummy Mon 02-Jul-18 17:29:57

Hi there.

We have a three year old little boy as the result of a donor egg. We had to decide what to do with our remaining embryo. We didn't want another child - I had an extremely tough pregnancy and financially we couldn't afford it. We therefore didn't want to pay 600 euros per year to store it. The clinic won't destroy it until I'm 46 - currently only 42. We felt we couldn't donate it as our child would have whole sibling out there and my husband felt as though it would be his child. So we ended up donating it to science. The clinic advised that currently there is no need for any testing programmes at the clinic so as far as we know its still in the freezer. We did struggle a bit with it though. It felt to me like I was disposing of a child.

KateWTE Fri 08-Jun-18 20:04:32

Hi my husband and I are going through IVF at the moment and considering donating the embryos. I don’t like the idea of just throwing them away or them being donated to science. I like the idea of donating them to someone as I know how difficult it is when you desperately want to have children. However I have no idea how I’ll cope with knowing there are some of my/not my children out there. There is also someone a good friend knows that I could possibly donate to. I would then potentially have contact. Has anyone had any experience or any advice?

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