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Egg donation in Russia - Next Generation Clinic

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Makeroomforthemushrooms Sun 29-Apr-18 10:34:58

Just wondering if anyone else has been and would like to compare notes? I cycled there earlier this month with a non-anonymous donor from their egg bank and seem to have my first ever positive test! Tentatively excited - it's still early days so trying to keep calm while not telling anyone in real life. Anyone want to chat to so I don't burst with excitement before the 6-week scan? :-)

CorylusB Fri 15-Jun-18 23:18:26

After a couple of rounds of IVF we decided to get an embryo transfer at Next Generation Clinic, Saint Petersburg. We chose to go to Russia firstly because we were keen to pick the donors ourselves based on photos personal profile and personal statement. Secondly when I started looking into iVF I was single. After a fair bit of research I found that Russia is one of the few countries that offer both these things.

In the end we settled on NGC because they were quick to respond to our numerous questions, their facilities looked impressive and they were reasonably priced.

We travelled to Saint Petersburg in August 2017 and we now have a beautiful healthy baby Girl who is asleep on my lap as I write this. We found the facilities at NGC to be beautiful and spotlessly clean. The staff were friendly, helpful and professional. Most importantly though they gave us our little girl. It would be difficult to exaggerate how happy (though tired) I am right now.

How is it going for you?!

Makeroomforthemushrooms Tue 26-Jun-18 22:23:34

Congratulations on your happy news, CorylusB!

The amount of information available about the donors was a deciding factor for me too. That and the non-anonymous egg donationation program. I had previously tried unsuccessfully with donor eggs in the UK and found the lack of information about the donor a little unnerving.

Unfortunately I’ve had a chemical and a negative so far but there are still frozen embryos left so hopefully there is still a chance.

All the best to you and your new daughter. Hope you manage to get some sleep!

Alwyne Fri 04-Jan-19 07:03:47

Hey! 29yo single man here trying to become a father, and I chose the personified 12 donated egg program with ICSI and 4 PGS. Just thought I'd share my initial experience with NGC here.

Vlada (the international liaison officer) has been amazing from my very first email query, answering to my barrage of questions and carefully walk me through all of the steps to be undertaken for me.

I decided to make the first visit in early November (only 2 visits necessary for my case; one for initial consultation and giving sperm specimen, and the second visit (hopefully) during the baby's delivery). From the first impression, the clinic itself was done to a high standard, both aesthetically and system-wise, so you do get the sense that they are bona fide and that you're in good hands.

I then had a lengthy consultation with Dr. Diana and Nurse Ksenia, ranging from the procedure, success rates, choosing the right egg donor, etc. Honestly it was all very relaxed and candid that it felt more like having a discussion with friends than a rigid consultation in a doctor's office, so kudos to them!

I then proceeded to another floor to provide the specimen, sign the contracts, and make a final decision on the egg donor, where Vlada subsequently make the necessary call to the donor and confirm her availability right there and then. And that pretty much sums up my entire visit to the clinic!

Vlada and Dr. Diana regularly email me with progress updates, when the donor started her egg stimulation process, when the eggs were fertilised, embryo 3-4 days development update, blastocysts update (got 11 healthy embryos from 12 fertilised eggs, super happy with that), and now I'm waiting for PGS results that will hopefully come in a week time. Hopefully we'll get good results, fingers crossed, and I can start working with their partner surrogacy agency SPARTa.

To sum up, great experience so far with the clinic and especially their attentive staff.

Does anyone have any experience, information, or tips on what to expect in the surrogacy leg of the process with SPARTa? Would be keen to hear on this smile

Makeroomforthemushrooms Tue 08-Jan-19 22:27:36

That’s a good result! I don’t know about the surrogacy program but wish you good luck. You have good odds with so many embryos!

It was third time lucky for me with my latest embryo transfer and I’m eagerly awaiting the arrival of a little half-Russian in the summer!

missmarry Sun 27-Jan-19 19:05:23

CorylusB - amazing news, congrats! I came across a few positive reviews on them in infertility forums.

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