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IVF DE abroad - eek! Any nasty surprises?

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HappyHopeful Wed 14-Feb-18 00:18:03

DH and I have made the decision to go abroad for DE IVF (premature ovarian failure, age 38).

Totally struggling to choose a clinic - it's like comparing apples and oranges. Has anyone had any nasty surprises in terms of hidden costs or unexpected extras? Or are clinics generally upfront and honest when it comes to outlay?

Many thanks!

Lauren83 Fri 16-Feb-18 17:01:51

I used serum in Athens last year and they were amazing, couldn't fault them, very clear on pricing and lovely people

Carajillo Sun 18-Feb-18 10:32:38

I can't speak about costs as I had my children via IVI Valencia 11 years ago! However, with experience, what I would say is to do your research (asking on here or Fertility Friends etc). One of the factors I wish I had had was more information on my donors for my children? You may want to also ask that question when looking at clinics. I am assuming the UK is too expensive for you? Some countries are better regulated than others for example. Personally, if you haven't done already, I really recommend a session of counselling which isn't offered by clinics abroad and can be helpful for you moving forward? Do you have any specific questions about treatment? C xx

Blondienut Sun 18-Feb-18 17:25:41

DM if you'd like to chat about this as currently in similar situation and have narrowed down search, x

HappyHopeful Sun 18-Feb-18 22:40:07

Thank you! After much research (and spreadsheet-wrangling) we've decided to go with Praga Medica (GEST) as the "Maximum with FET Guarantee" gives us some confidence. Yes, money is a big factor for us - we seemed to be looking at close to £10k here in the UK, and I think it's going to be a long hard road for us so I want to keep some money in the bank for as many tries as possible.

The options were bewildering . . . information overload. But we got there in the end grin

Worrying thing is, that was probably the easy part . . . !

HappyHopeful Sun 18-Feb-18 22:43:09

Carajillo - yes, we're having counselling; it was a bit of a mindshift for me to get my head around my baby not being genetically mine, so although I thought I could handle it I wanted to be sure.

Blondie - thank you for the offer, I will PM you.

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