Fertility clinic in London - any experience with CARE?

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Ella2018 Sun 14-Jan-18 21:50:16

Hi All,
I am a single woman thinking to use a donor to conceive and I needed to choose a clinic to explore this further.
I went to a few open evenings and decided for CARE London.
I did my first visit but I wasn't impressed...nothing bad but I wasn't given many advices and I felt it was a bit generic.

I have to say I have no fertility problem (just single!) so my case must have seemed very easy for them.
I was wondering if anyone has used them and could give me a recent feedback.

I found a lot of talks on other clinics but a bit old...doctors move a lot and I was looking for something more recent.

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pickle162 Tue 16-Jan-18 20:11:44


I'm single woman too and 28weeks pregnant with first baby through 2nd medicated iui. I was with CARE but Tunbridge Wells branch clinic who were so lovely,they had merged with CARE a few years back so altho still the big company it had a much more personal feel and the staff were truly lovely
For me I wanted a clinic that took the time to respond to emails/questions without making me feel like just a number. I think a lot of the London ones don't have the personal touch as just too big/focussed on numbers

Good luck smile

Ella2018 Sat 20-Jan-18 16:28:56

Thanks Pickle for sharing your experience.

Probably the clinics in London are bigger but I live here and I thought it was more convenient to have a clinic to reach easily.
The staff has always come back to me on any question and they are very responsive and seems knowledgeable.
It was more the doctor session that left me a bit baffled.

Can I ask you if they advise you on medicated iui or if it was your choice?

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pickle162 Sat 20-Jan-18 16:51:14

Getting back to me quickly was a real priority and a huge plus smile

The consultant suggested it due to my amh levels (they were 9 at age of 32-at the time) I didn't really have a say but was far easier to plan when things would be happening and I wasn't adverse to it. Probably around £200 more expensive per cycle but well worth it and fairly small in the big scheme of things

My clinic didn't have any donors to use at the time so I was told either esb or Brighton sperm bank only. I went with Brighton and they were amazing
I wanted someone that had similar colour eyes,hair and skin to me other than that wasn't too bothered

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