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35+ TTC #1 Part 2!

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PhoebeMouse Wed 18-Oct-17 09:55:37

Just starting a new thread for those of us over 35 and TTC for the first time! Previous thread here -


PhoebeMouse Wed 18-Oct-17 09:59:34

@SoozC I have just started a new thread as the old one was full! I hope everyone will find this ok!

Don't worry I totally am not in tune with my body either! I am constantly feeling twinges randomly every cycle. I am using an app called Period Calendar, which i started using last October when I came off the pill. It has a function to fill in a diary each day and I try to pop down what I've felt that day in the hope of being able to track things happening the same time each month but it has still been so random! I never had any twinges etc on the pill and I took it from being 19 until last year aged 36 so this natural cycle business is still a mystery to me really!

Hello! @79andnotout @Blueberry1 @coastalchick @Darkstar4855 @Janefx40 @Meggimoo @Spargle x

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