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Home insemination success stories?

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ND23 Wed 04-Oct-17 20:22:59

So after a struggle of 2 years of my husband not being able to ejaculate/ struggling to have sex with me we have decided to try self insemination. I'd love to hear Of your success stories and any advice would be great ? We have been using a needless syringe and legs in the air for about 30 mins or so, this is first time trying so wether it's been a success or not we don't know smile

Moo8879 Sat 16-Dec-17 12:41:56

Positive opk at 11.30 this morning and peak on clearblue, have 2 frozen vials what time should I inseminate for best results?

gigglepig99 Tue 06-Nov-18 11:56:37

We had 6 months of trying and finding 'conception sex' a massive stress due to DH being on sertraline which decreases the sensistivity and sex drive, not to mention having to complete in half hour time frames because of work/child care scheduling, and it was all becoming too much. We bought the cheap amazon home kits - a cup, a tube, a syringe and it really helped take pressure off. We even had one attempt where due to no babysitter and DC1 refusing to go to bed DH provided the goods while I took DC1 for a walk and then DH took over while I lay with my legs in the air. We now have faint postive line on the test! So here's hoping it 'takes'. Do look into this option - its really quite fun if you take it in the right spirit and it certainly helps take the stress out of conception if you are having difficulties.

ExpectantParent Wed 07-Nov-18 21:35:31

We’re current using one of those kits off eBay. It’s important to make sure all the equipment is sterile. A lot of the stuff comes from China so quality can be questionable so be careful.

We’ve bought two lots of these from
a UK seller. They arrived quickly and appeared to be of good quality.

HannahAmy Wed 14-Nov-18 22:51:42

Hi all, myself and my parter (lesbian couple) are ttc, we have ttc a few times before but have unfortunately been unsuccessful. This time after doing lots of homework we have a little more hope!! I’m due to ovulate on the 21st however I am looking at having a donation on the 19th and then another on the 21st? I have decided to use a a 5ml syringe then a soft cup and some conceive plus this time, fingers crossed for us!! Does anyone have any tips? X

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