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Home insemination success stories?

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ND23 Wed 04-Oct-17 20:22:59

So after a struggle of 2 years of my husband not being able to ejaculate/ struggling to have sex with me we have decided to try self insemination. I'd love to hear Of your success stories and any advice would be great ? We have been using a needless syringe and legs in the air for about 30 mins or so, this is first time trying so wether it's been a success or not we don't know smile

AnneLovesGilbert Wed 04-Oct-17 20:24:16

Good luck! Hope you have success soon.

I remember a couple of threads in Conception so I'd recommend having a look there for tips and success stories.

BossyBitch Wed 04-Oct-17 20:26:29

Lesbian friends of mine managed twice. They went a step further than legs in the air and went full head stand.

Also, I need to talk to my friends about TMI. 😉

HappyHedgehog247 Fri 06-Oct-17 21:57:16

Hi. I've just tried first cycle of this. I've tried a combination of children's medicine syringe (as it has good space at the end, read something about less damaging to the sperm, no idea if true, Instead Cup and Conceive lubricant (pre-seed is another version) plus legs in air. Good luck

ND23 Fri 06-Oct-17 22:43:17

Aww keep me updated on how you get on! I'm glad I'm not a lone in trying to conceive this way, I've felt so alienated for ages! X

Justonemorepleasethen Fri 06-Oct-17 23:07:23

Good luck! smile

Derf17 Mon 16-Oct-17 17:06:32

We are about to start this, using doner sperm tho, as my husband is infertile. The package is being delivered this Thursday or Friday ready for ovulation at weekend if my timings are correct, god I hope they are! We have till Wednesday to use it so should be fine lol am very excited and scared at the prospect of being pregnant because it was never an option before. Hoping I am very fertile and we get pregnant quick and all is healthy. I am 40 and overweight so high chance of miscarriage as well even if it does work 😢 but have to think positive and feel positive otherwise no point in trying is there.

Allthatglitters23 Mon 16-Oct-17 19:14:54

Awww I really hope it happens for you guys , I really know how your feeling , it's when you finally get that chance it's great , we haven't been able to try for the last two years and it's horrible , I'm waiting on my period now , was meant to start yesterday but all the tests I've taken are negative so far , wishing you both all the best , let me know how you get on x

Derf17 Tue 17-Oct-17 08:28:00

Thanks. Hope you get a positive soon.

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