Previous egg donors, what do I need to think about before becoming an egg donor?

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Smurfsrock Sun 13-Aug-17 09:00:10

I've been thinking about becoming an egg donor for a while. Family is almost complete (last child due soon) so am hoping to do it after I stop bf and before I get too old!

My reason is that I feel blessed every day to have been lucky enough to have my babies, so would love to help another woman have the same.

My view on family is that it's made by the people around you who you love and support, genetics is immaterial, but I know it's different for other people!

So. Those of you who have done this already, what factors did you have to consider? How did you decide what effect it would have on your children? Have you had any regrets at all? I have no worries with the medical side of things.

Hope that kind of makes sense!

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Godluvme18 Wed 27-Sep-17 18:28:55

I am in desperate need for donor egg of Afro Caribbean ethnicity any advice or help out there

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