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Freshermums Fri 04-Aug-17 07:46:16

Hi All
We are new to Mumsnet, we are two married woman about to start the process of IUI to become parents, my wife and I are both new to this process being the youngest in our families and having no friends with young children (despite both being in our 30s) we feel we know very little about pregnancy, babies etc and what to expect.

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pickle162 Sun 06-Aug-17 21:30:05

Hi @Freshermums, I'm single & 33 but I've just had my 2nd donor spend iui and got a bfp smile
When are you due to start iui? If you have any questions I will try and answer.
Best of luck to you both x

annthetiger Mon 07-Aug-17 21:31:06

Hiya ladies. I'm new to this webchat as well and looking for advice. My partner + I have been waiting 18 months to get IUI treatment on the NHS and have a hormone level blood test tomorrow on day 12. Today I received a letter saying I've to go for an X-ray in October to check my fallopian tubes but confused as I was told our first insemination with donor sperm would be Thurs or Fri this week. It means we could have had 3 cycles of 6 by the time this get done!? Can't understand why if this needs to be done before treatment I've been told to go in tomorrow for hormone level test, insemination later in week. Any info or advice would be gratefully received.

Freshermums Tue 08-Aug-17 07:47:52

I don't know why, usually they would do all the tests and investigations before starting IUI. Can I ask what has taken 18 months? We have been 9 months so far (from initial GP contact) but all investigations have been done.

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annthetiger Tue 08-Aug-17 21:45:24

I had my first GP appointment March 2016 + just at insemination stage now. Had blood test for hormone levels + some kind of internal scan today. It looks like it'll be Thurs or Fri we go ahead with 1st round. Still not sure why I need this X-ray with dye to check Fallopian tubes after I've had first 3 rounds of treatment? Surely if I needed it I should get it before any insemination starts? Bit confused!!!

Freshermums Tue 08-Aug-17 22:12:38

When you say 3 rounds of treatment- do you mean you have had 3 inseminations or sperm? For your initial GP contact being March 16 then this has happened very quickly if so?

The X-ray to check your Fallopian tubes is to ensure they are healthy for pregnancy so it is usually done before any insemination process as an investigation to see if you are suitable for insemination- so I'm a bit confused too.

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