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June donor egg cycle...

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Snowdog37 Wed 24-May-17 18:54:52

Is anyone else doing donor egg ivf next month? I couldn't see a thread already set up for June cycles.
I am off to Prague in 3 weeks to (hopefully) get my baby/babies! I took my last contraceptive pill this morning, now to wait for af to show so I can start Estrimax. So exciting! Can't believe it is actually happening now!

Cutesbabasmummy Tue 13-Jun-17 11:04:48

Snowdog37 are you in Prague now? Keeping it all crossed for you.

Snowdog37 Tue 13-Jun-17 13:21:57

Thanks cuteas i at flying there later today! Embryo transfer is next Tuesday so I've got a few days to explore and get over the jetlag!

Cutesbabasmummy Wed 21-Jun-17 12:45:30

How did your transfer go Snowdog37? x

Snowdog37 Wed 21-Jun-17 13:13:17

Fantastically! I've got two expanded blastocysts on board as we speak and 4 more in the freezer! I can't believe it!
I'm 1dp5dt and already driving myself crazy 😜 😂

Cutesbabasmummy Wed 21-Jun-17 14:12:29

Yay! Our day 5 frostie is a crazy 2 year old now so I am keeping it all crossed for you. The waiting drove me nuts!

Snowdog37 Thu 22-Jun-17 12:30:58

It's only 2dp5dt and I'm going batty!!! Only another 12 days to go.... (yeah right. I'm peeing on all. the. sticks from Monday!)

knudsenan Fri 23-Jun-17 13:44:50

yes mam, we are currently in treatment.
Have opted for a one clinic in europe, just had my transfer 2 days ago.
I'm in tww, what about you? what stage are you at?

Snowdog37 Fri 23-Jun-17 16:15:27

I had a transfer of two expanded blastocysts on Tuesday afternoon so I'm just in the stages of going crazy symptom spotting too! It's been 3 days and I've got mild af cramps which worries me as I'm actually due on tomorrow 😓

Cutesbabasmummy Fri 23-Jun-17 21:51:31

Increased cervical mucus was the first sign I was pregnant. About a week after transfer xx

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