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Hoping for Donor conception

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Apples45 Sun 21-May-17 19:19:18

Hi, This is a longshot but here goes..I am 45 and have been through two ivf cycles unsuccessfully with my own eggs and we need donor eggs to help us.
Me: fair/red hair, blue eyes, 5'5", slim, healthy, arts degree but working as a careers adviser.
We live half an hour from Bristol and Bath.

Wondering if there is an exceptionally kind person on here who feels they could donate some of their eggs, aged between 19 and 34. I would be happy to meet and/or share a photo or possibly more. Having just been through the ivf process myself I found it takes about 8-10 days of time in scans and injections but I had no side effects and was able to work part time throughout the process. Any nominated clinic would be able to talk you through the process and the legal side of things.
Any advice, help or chat, please send me a message..

Blessings x x

mum2benicole Thu 25-May-17 20:29:51

Something I've considered doing I have two children myself and to help someone who couldn't conceive would be so great and rewarding I hope you find someone to help you xx

TheWrongAlice Tue 30-May-17 10:49:49

Apples have you registered with a clinic? I know that the clinic I used weren't especially encouraging of me finding my own donor as they have such strict rules for acceptance that they said it would probably end up taking longer to get through the the ethics board than just going on the register and waiting for a donor that they have approved and they think will match you. I waited just under 6 months for a donor (now have 14mo from those eggs, we did egg sharing and I know the donor got pregnant too, which is a lovely thought).

Apples45 Tue 30-May-17 12:42:44

Thanks for encouraging thoughts. Really hoping someone might feel able to offer on here. I am registered with the clinic where I had IVF with my own eggs, I've not looked into other clinics as yet but will need to if I'm not able to find someone myself that I can get to know a little ..the clinics aren't able to offer this. Out of interest which clinic did you go with?

TheWrongAlice Tue 30-May-17 13:19:54

I went with Care in London. They were really brilliant. I had a couple of people in mind as donor possibilities but after talking it through with them I decided an anonymous donor would be the best option. Mostly because you have to consider all outcomes. One thing in particular I remember them asking me to think about is what if the donor reacts really badly to the ivf and becomes very unwell or infertile as a result... unlikely I know but it IS a possibility, and how do I feel if I have a relationship with that person? Or what if they decide that they want contact after the birth or whatever... the personal relationship can really complicate things. Having said that, I know lots of people do it successfully in other countries with known donors. I just didn't want to risk complicating matters further.
For what it's worth, I got a lovely letter that out donor had written about her reasons for donating, which I cherish, and tells me everything about her I need to know. And our resulting DD is of course perfect, so I am biased about the way we did it.
Whatever path you choose I wish you the absolute best of luck and hope it all works out brilliantly.

Cutesbabasmummy Wed 31-May-17 12:24:29

Hiya. I really would advise going through a clinic. We have a 28 month old boy conceived with donor eggs via IVI Alicante in Spain. The donors and eggs are screened for genetic issues and they do try to match you with a donor who resemble you physically. Donors would also need to have counselling before donating so eventually you will need to go via clinic anyway. Good luck x

Kimalexandra Thu 31-Aug-17 19:09:44

I will donate if you still need someone xx

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