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Embryo adoption.

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beanhunter Sun 19-Feb-17 19:09:37

Hello all.
We are considering where to go next in our fertility journey. We have a daughter but subsequently have had another 3 yrs ttc with one early mc and 2 failed ivf/icsi cycles. It's unclear why these have failed - eggs and sperm both a bit borderline but neither bad enough to say must have donor.
So we are considering one final cycle and then looking into other options. And so we find ourselves considering embryo adoption. I'd be keen for this to be anonymous but I'm just trying to find out a little more about the process and anyone's personal experience so help in our research about it.
Our uk consultant has links with IB clinic in Alicante and that would therefore be a possible option.

Cally70 Tue 21-Feb-17 05:54:50

What would you like to know? I have 2 children, born as a result of embryo donation

beanhunter Tue 21-Feb-17 07:13:05

Hi Cally and congratulations on your two children. Thank you for replying. We are still in the early stages of thinking about this so basically although I'm pretty knowledgeable about ivf cycles donor isn't something we know much about. And because it's not a clear cut egg or sperm issue for us then we wonder if embryo is the way to go.

I guess I'd be interested to know how you came to the decision to go down that route? Where did you have treatment (is uk or abroad)? Practicalities and costs? And basically anything else you wish you had known?

Cally70 Tue 21-Feb-17 20:23:08

I'm a single mother by choice, so always needed donor sperm anyway. After several failed own egg cycles, I made the decision to move to donor eggs. I went to the Czech Republic, which has total anonymity laws

Cally70 Tue 21-Feb-17 20:24:29

Costs are much cheaper, even taking into account travel costs. It's a few years ago now, so my memory is a bit hazy on the figures

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