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Can’t TTC with my eggs..

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SelfSufficient Fri 27-Jan-17 18:01:49

Hi. I decided to write her to find some help from those ones who are in the same boat like me. I can’t conceive because both of my ovaries don’t ovulate regularly. If I ovulate, the eggs aren’t of proper quality. We tried IVF with my eggs, but it came with a negative result. Now, we want to try IVF with donor eggs. Is there anybody here who had conceived with the help of the donor’s eggs? Please, share your stories with me.

Daisiesandgerberas Mon 30-Jan-17 15:31:24

I have:

In a nutshell, we did ICSi/IVF for 2 decades with my own eggs. The first time we used a donor egg, we got the BFP.

If you trawl through the donor conception & infertility sections on MN you'll see loads of conversations about donor eggs.

Also, try FertilityFriends & the Donor Conception Network.

Plenty of reading to keep you occupied wink

DottyBotty Tue 31-Jan-17 08:55:49

I conceived with the help of a donor egg a year ago. I had to do this because of a tough PCOS. I tried nearly everything: an ovarian stimulation, a laparascophy and even several IVFs with my eggs. The result was zero, so I tried not to torture myself anymore and try an ED. I managed to conceive after the second shot and now I’m a mum at last. The only drawback, we had to overseas as it was too expensive to do it here. But the result was really awesome!!!

SelfSufficient Tue 07-Feb-17 13:28:49

Hi, ladies. Daisiesandgerberas, thanks for your clues. I would certainly spend some time on browsing the forums you’ve advised me. Thanks for the links! Now I also spend most of my time googling information about various fertility clinics here, in the UK and around the world. DottyBotty, where did you do your ED? I ask you such a question because ED in the UK seems to be not a cheap one…

Daisiesandgerberas Tue 07-Feb-17 13:34:28

ED in the UK has a loooong waiting list which is why we went overseas + the screenings were a lot more thorough too.

We were advised it was an 18 mth wait.

Hopefully Dotty will tell you it isn't smile

Carajillo Sat 11-Feb-17 23:17:18

Just to correct the impression that Donor Eggs in the UK has a long waiting list that just is not true any more. Whether it is exclusive donation or egg share, there are plenty of ways to find egg donation in the UK without a long waiting list plus the added advantage of ID release at 18. Please contact the NGDT or the Donor Conception Network for up to date information.

DottyBotty Sun 12-Feb-17 13:41:34

We decided to go overseas because of the prices we have to pay for the procedure here, in the UK. As my DH doesn’t earn enough to pay for the service, we decided to go to another place and try our luck there. What should I say… It was a little bit risky… Both of us felt a little nervous about this venture. We didn’t know anyone there, but finally, I conceived and I’m a mum now. This is the thing that really matters. It’s good that you started with googling information on the topic. My journey had the same beginning.

SelfSufficient Thu 16-Feb-17 12:11:39

Carajillo, a nice clue! I would certainly check it! However, I have one more question to you, ladies! What eggs did you use for your ED program? My gyny says that frozen eggs are quite ok. She has several patients who conceived with the help of frosties. Several days ago I read an article that fresh eggs are better and give more chances to conceive. Is it right?

GrizzlyRoze Tue 21-Feb-17 14:59:36

I know that both fresh and frozen eggs are ok. My close friend cycled with frozen eggs. She did an IVF, and managed to conceive after the second shot. I don’t know much about IVF with donor eggs. It’s considered to have higher success rates than a simple IVF. I think you should consult your fertility specialist on this issue. At any rate, I wish you good luck.

lisaallem Mon 27-Feb-17 10:11:02

I am also in the same boat with those who have used egg donation treatment. I have had it done in Ukraine though, this is what differs in my story comparing to others.
I do have already a girl from my previous marriage, she is 10 years old but after I met my current husband I thought that it is impossible to not have kids from him because he does not have his own kids at all. so we have decided to go for it but due to my age we had to go for ivf de. actually it was pretty "fun" you know, I was preparing myself for all of the stress and depression but those preps made me resistible for such things. even though we went to biotex, the clinic that is located in Ukraine. well, it does not matter whatsoever.
I just want to tell you that life does not end with the fact that you can't continue with your own eggs. there are plenty of options still especially those where you can choose the donor, the woman who can look like you and be actually like you.

SelfSufficient Tue 28-Feb-17 14:30:34

I quite agree with lisaallem. We’ve also contacted that clinic and they offered us fresh eggs. The program coordinator told us that when we choose the donor, the fertility specialist will study my menstrual cycle and determine the date when we have to visit the clinic for the embryo transfer. Up to this time, I’ll have to take birth control pills to synchronize my periods with the donor’s ones. Then we’ll have to visit the clinic for the second time. My hubby’s sperm will be picked up and used to fertilize the donor’s oocytes. Three embryos will be transferred into my uterus. I’ll have to take some hormone medications to support my possible pregnancy. The first pregnancy test should be done in two weeks. In case of a positive result, the medications should be taken up to the twelfth week of pregnancy.

DottyBotty Sun 12-Mar-17 11:24:27

Selfsufficient, it’s a standard procedure. This is the way like IVF with the fresh donor’s oocytes is done in any fertility clinic. If I were in your shoes, I would firstly check the quality of the oocytes you’re offered. Of course, it’s really hard to do as you aren’t a reproductive specialist, but you may check the criteria the clinic uses for finding egg donor’s. They should be included in the contract you’re going to sign up. Our clinic offered us oocytes of 18-25 year egg donor. We could also find the results of the health tests in the donor’s profiles.

SelfSufficient Sun 19-Mar-17 11:52:25

We’ve also got interested in Biotexcom. They offer fresh eggs of 18-25-year-old women. We’ve talked with the program’s coordinator and she told us that they do have certain criteria for choosing the egg donor’s. Firstly, the donor must be totally healthy. Secondly, they would check the family of each egg donor to see whether she has a healthy heredity. If the woman wants to become an egg donor, she must have at least one healthy child. These are the main criteria they use for selecting egg donor’s.

Jocelyn2 Thu 30-Mar-17 23:52:44

Hi, there! I was diagnosed with PCOS when I was 16. Since that time, I have distinct problems with my ovulation. I don’t ovulate. Even if I have an ovulation, I can’t get pregnant. We’ve been TTC for 3 years. Frankly speaking, I’m so tired of all those pills. My gyny recommends me ovarian drilling, but I don’t believe much in it. As far as I know, women with PCOS have oocytes of a bad quality.I think ED may give us better chances to conceive. We want to try this fertility treatment as we want to become parents as soon as possible. Is there anybody here with the same health issue? How do you manage to get pregnant?
P.S. Is egg donation anonymous in Ukraine? SelfSufficient, how are they going to choose an egg donor particularly for your ED program? Will you be able to see the photo of the egg donor?

SelfSufficient Mon 10-Apr-17 08:28:31

Hi, Jocelyn2. As far as I know, women with PCOS do have chances to conceive with their own eggs naturally. All depends on the quality of the oocytes they produce. I wasn’t diagnosed with PCOS, but my eggs aren’t good enough to conceive a baby. This is the main reason why we decided to try DE IVF. We’ve contacted the representatives of Biotexcom and they told us that we have to visit the clinic twice. Before visiting the clinic for the first time, we have to send them a short description of the woman who would suit us as an egg donor. We have to specify such options as height, weight, hair and eye color. The clinic has a large database of egg donors. They would use a special software to find an appropriate donor for us. If we sign up a contract with them, we’ll be able to see the donor’s 3D photo.

Rosyheart Tue 18-Apr-17 11:28:43

hi! As I see from your post you also opted for Ukraine. Nice to know that. I'm on the stage of signing the contract only. Soon our donor will be approved and we start the treatment.
I think it would be great to follow each one's story as we almost at the same stage.

DottyBotty Fri 21-Apr-17 13:53:46

Sounds quite ok, hun! Not all fertility clinics let their patients glimpse at the egg donor’s photos. If they give you such an opportunity, you’ll be able to select an egg donor by yourself. However, will they charge any additional fees for such an opportunity. As far as I know, some fertility clinics do this… What about the one you’ve got interested in? Do they offer to book any additional services or ask their patients to do extra health tests?

SelfSufficient Sun 07-May-17 22:56:58

I don’t think they would charge any additional fees. We have to sign up a contract with them. According to this contract, the clinic would charge only a fixed sum. As we’re going to book two shots, the sum will be divided into several installments.For us, it’s really very handy. We will be able to make the payment either in cash or via a bank transfer. This is the way the clinic charges fees from their clients. What do you think about it?

WillowParker Wed 10-May-17 14:06:32

Hello! I'm so glad I found women who also had their treatment in ukraine! I like that country very much! and I adore my manager, she's so sweet! I got pregnant from the first attempt though I signed a contract for two attempts, just in case. Thank God my pregnancy is fine now and the baby is growing properly.

TheWrongAlice Thu 11-May-17 21:04:42

I have a 1yo from donor egg, I also have an older child from my own. I can tell you from my experience that it feels exactly the same. The love is the same. It was the best thing I ever did and I am so grateful to our donor!!, we did it in the uk, in london and had a 6 month wait for the donor. We had fresh eggs donated but because of issues I had, we had to freeze them. I got pg first time with our frostie. I was so worried when I was pg about how I would feel... I would recommend counselling. But as I say, best decision I ever made!

Rosyheart Tue 16-May-17 13:37:31

thank you for sharing your story with us! I was concerning all the time about this difference of love, is it the same as if it would be my own or not. I'm in the begining of the journey and I'm scared...but such stories as yours give me faith in a good future.

TheWrongAlice Tue 16-May-17 15:42:48

@rosyheart I think it is really normal to have those worries. To be honest, when I was pg I was in a real mess, worrying that I'd done the wrong thing and I really regretted it, I was so worried I would always favour my 'genetic' child. I saw a counsellor, who specialised in infertility, at 5 months, at which point I was really having a hard time, crying a lot and feeling really depressed. I am glad to say it really helped, and finding out what we were having at around the same time, and naming her, really helped too. And as I say, I am as bonded to her as I am to the older one, if not more so, because I feel so much more protective of her. The point is it's really important to talk about your fears, otherwise they can become huge. And to be scared is normal.

Good luck on your journey x

Going into the unknown is always going to be difficult and I

Rosyheart Thu 18-May-17 10:44:08

I feel a bit relief after your words. You did a great job! Your children are lucky to have you wink Before this I only shared my worries with my husband but what could he say, he will be biological father of a baby, so he cannot understand me. I don't blame him, not at all, I'm very happy that my baby will have genes of my love. It is really necessary to talk to someone who has the same feelings and fears. Thank you xxx

DottyBotty Fri 23-Jun-17 13:15:50

SelfSufficient, I think it’s great that they charge only a fixed sum. At any rate, you’ll be able to plan your expenditures and it’s really great as DE IVF isn’t a cheap procedure (especially, if your budget is very scarce). Aren’t you afraid to go to Ukraine? This country is at war now. I would think twice before going there…
P.S. I think you’ll face certain language difficulties if you go there. As far as I know, Ukrainians aren’t perfect English speakers.

knudsenan Fri 23-Jun-17 13:42:49

In a nutshell, we failed few cycles of ivf, and couldn't get pregnant. we decided to undergo de ivf as we had no other choice. we started to look for a clinic somewhere abroad as we heard it could be cheaper. we've read lots of comments, compared around 25 clinics and came up to consideration we couldn't make a right choice.
accidentally, browsing the Internet I found an article about Ukrainian clinic, we decided to contact, fortunately, their services seemed affordable to us. we had a long conversation with a manager and chose the date for our initial(what was for free) now I'm undergoing de ivf there, 2 days ago had my transfer.
DottyBotty , you know, they offer interpreter services, so it wouldn't be a problem to go there, of course different language and culture but clinic would help to cope with it, there are lots of clients all over the world. and we have been in hotel where all speak English( I'm not talking about all ukrainian clinics)

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