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Loopsdefruits Tue 13-Dec-16 19:17:18

Hi smile So I'm researching options to become a single mum by choice. I have a meeting this Friday about doing egg-sharing IVF, which is Plan A. However, if Plan B is needed then I'm considering at home insemination. I just have a few questions,

1. Is at home insemination legal in the UK?
2. Do I need to register with HFEA?
3. I looked at the Cryo bank in Denmark, and their 'ordering sperm' info page says this...

"The next step is to decide which sperm donor type and profile you want. If you are being treated at a clinic, special rules may apply, as some countries have a ban on treatment with certain types of sperm donors. If the form of treatment is home insemination, you do not have to concern yourself with these regulations."

Does this mean that if doing at-home insemination you can use an anonymous donor?

This is all so new and scary (but so exciting)


juneybean Tue 13-Dec-16 19:19:56

I'm not entirely sure of the legalities but I imported sperm from cryos in Denmark and my only worry was it being stopped at customs but I received it fine both times. Sadly it didn't work for me (probably mistimed). I've also done IUI in a clinic which also didn't work so next I'm looking at a known donor to donate.

somethingrosier Thu 18-May-17 10:26:36

At home insemination is legal in the UK. You do not need to register with HFEA. Yes, you can use an anonymous donor if you're doing an at-home insemination.

The only "issue" is if you are using a KNOWN donor in which case the donor would be the legal father. But that's not an issue if you buy from Cryos. Likely you would need to have MOT20 and up for an at-home insemination!

I've done at at-home and looked into a lot of this, so am happy to answer any questions you might have!

Rockhopper81 Tue 23-May-17 23:58:52

What somethingrosier said - it's legal, no registration with HFEA and anonymous donor for home insemination is fine.

I am planning to use a known donor - which we are both fine with - but he will legally be the father of any child that was born. He won't be involved, but will be sent photographs occasionally (birthdays, Christmas etc.) and is happy for any children to know who he is and contact when they are older. So it will work for us if/when the question about 'the father' is asked.

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