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lokijet Thu 29-Sep-16 16:13:29

Hi - not sure if Im posting in the right place

I am a single parent with donor conceived son now 6. I was wondering if anyone has done any meetups or similar with donor conceived kids as i thought it might be helpful for him to meet others in the same situation (no dad).

while he knows all his history and we have done lots of chats / reading around donor conception and all families are different it is clearly a point of difference between him and his friends - even those who only have 1 resident parent

Any advice from those who have been there - we live in yorkshire

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Cally70 Mon 03-Oct-16 17:52:39

Try posting on the singles boards on the fertility friends forum.

LyndaNotLinda Tue 04-Oct-16 00:01:29

If you join the Donor Conception Network, they have local groups all over the UK who meet regularly.

I highly recommend it - it's really good for them to get to know other children in the same situation.

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