Involvement with the child's dad

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TinyGoldfish Wed 27-Jul-16 15:17:37

I think you're more likely to get more responses to your problem if you ask MNHQ to move it to relationships.

jasmin6082016 Wed 27-Jul-16 15:08:51

Hi I'm looking for some advice please, my sons dad never wanted to be involved, never used to respond to text messages in the pregnancy, never turned up to any scans or appointments, left me and got a new partner, basically he told me where to go and that he doesn't care about his son and he never wanted contact with him or me again!

So my son was born on Monday and his mum has messaged my mum asking if he can see him as he regrets everything and was crying about ithmm

Quite frankly I want to hear it from his mouth, even though I don't want him involved after everything he has caused me and him and how much stress he caused and how nasty and horrible he was, but I'm looking on some advice with what to do?

Baring in mind they are not the nicest family at allconfused

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