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A few questions

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Specialsnowflake1 Thu 17-Mar-16 13:12:30

I already have a DC,my DP has three DC and we would like to have another. He chose to have the snip and doesn't want to have it reversed and is more than happy for me to use a donor but I have a few questions.

1) Do you need to take fertility drugs? My period is regular and I don't think I would have any issues conceiving (touch wood)
2) Do you need to go to a fertility clinic?
3) We are more than happy to pay but if their health criteria that you have to fit like IVF?


alockie Thu 17-Mar-16 17:04:32

Hi, sorry I have no direct experiences with de, but could recommend looking at eggdonationfriends com, a site dedicated to de with tons of info. Hope this helps. Good luck

Specialsnowflake1 Fri 18-Mar-16 07:41:43

Brilliant I will have a look.

Mumoftwinsandanother Mon 28-Mar-16 21:38:17

1) no not if you do a natural cycle IUI;
2) No - but you do if you want the child to be legally your DPs and you want to be safe from STIs (suspect there are thousand other reasons why this is sensible too)
3) Don't think we were under any obligs for health criteria at all - my BMI was ok though and I don't smoke and I guess they might have suggested losing/gaining weight and stopping smoking. That said the only reason they do this is to improve your chances (possibly alos to improve their success stats depending upon what type of clinic you go to.

Specialsnowflake1 Mon 28-Mar-16 22:23:57

Thanks for this information.

LauraMipsum Wed 30-Mar-16 21:13:24

1) No, not unless you've got fertility problems
2) Not necessarily, there are lots of introduction sites like PrideAngel where you can find a private donor, lots of common sense needed to weed out weirdos though and they're mostly aimed at lesbian couples
3) If you use a clinic you have to have a BMI below 35, and provide evidence that you don't have HIV and are immune to rubella and some other stuff.

Private treatment in the UK is expensive and soulless (in my experience). I can recommend Vitanova in Denmark.

fellowhorsewoman Sat 09-Apr-16 03:07:31

Do you mean he is more than happy for you to use a sperm donor (and your own eggs?). Just to clarify?
Depends on your age, re fertility drugs. If you're under 40 you could just do unmedicated IUIs in a clinic.
If you do it in the UK through a clinic, the donor will be screened and your child will be able to find out the donor's identity when s/he turns 18 if s/he so wishes.
Informal insemination means finding a donor on the inter ebs who will offer up his sperm to you (but who knows where he's been...?). I wouldn't do it. Also you have no legal right to identifying information (though he may well offer up information about himself in the transaction). Or asking a pal to donate for you (which you might like if you want the biological father to be around/involved, or hate if you fear your family being disrupted). A
You can go abroad - it is cheaper. Bear in mind that overseas donors are often anonymous. Anonymous means your child will never find out the donors identity. That might not bother you, but it might bother your child in the future (particularly as your other DC will all know the identity of both their biological parents).

Specialsnowflake1 Thu 21-Apr-16 20:17:45

We would be using my eggs. We would prefer not to have the donor involved/known to us. We would just like to be our own little family until we told the DC.

Pisssssedofff Thu 12-May-16 21:59:48

Get them to do icsi with sperm aspirations - take it from his balls basically - £4,000 I think it is

TrillKitten Mon 16-May-16 00:59:59

Re sites like PrideAngel, just be aware that unless you go through a registered clinic the donor will have legal rights as the child's father, not your DP. Going via a clinic means the sperm donor has no claim to your child, and your DP will be legally considered the father.
A clinic will also provide verified information regarding genetic disorders, CMV status, allergies, blood type, full family histories etc and who even knows what the background or intent of a stranger on the internet is hmm

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