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ex won't engage with the separation process and won't declare assets - help!

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unwilling Fri 13-Nov-20 01:10:38

my ex is refusing to hire his own solicitor and is essentially ignoring the separation process. as a result of this we are not moving forward and assets accumulated during the marriage have not been declared and thus can't be shared. any ideas/suggestions on how to remove this deadlock please?

I have a solicitor who isn't doing very much to be helpful - he takes the path of least resistance. My ex has refused to engage the services of a solicitor and largely ignores all correspondence sent to him!

Anyone dealt with a similar situation? Would appreciate some practical advice!

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StephenBelafonte Fri 13-Nov-20 13:00:19

What has your solicitor done so far? What I mean is, what stage are you at? Has he applied to the court yet for a financial disclosure ?

HosannainExcelSheets Fri 13-Nov-20 16:52:08

You are very likely to need to use the court process. You could try a mediator if you think that would get your ex to engage.

unwilling Wed 18-Nov-20 04:50:40

StephenBelafonte, my solicitor is being very slow on the matter saying to give him time and allow him the benefit of doubt.

Would applying for financial disclosure be a lengthy/expensive process?

I endured a lot of financial abuse during our marriage and its still carrying on in every form (including paying less than the CMS child maintenance amount consistently, not paying the mortgage and not engaging on the subject of getting his name off the mortgage, insisting we get childcare but never once paying for it even though he earns significantly more than I do, etc.)

I need practical advice please!

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GlowingOrb Wed 18-Nov-20 04:57:16

I had to wait my ex out. Thankfully he just wanted to be difficult, but it took a couple of years.. forcing the issue in court was an option, but I was already spending more on a solicitor than 1/2 the assets from the marriage. I didn’t want that bill to climb even higher. B

GlowingOrb Wed 18-Nov-20 04:58:59

Oh I should add that I was by far the higher earner so waiting to split the assets or finalize the divorce didn’t hurt me financially at all which influenced my ability to be patient.

Iyiyi Wed 18-Nov-20 06:04:25

Can you change solicitor?! I know it would be a disruption / expense now but might be worth it in the long run, to be honest it sounds like what your ex is doing is a continuation of the financial abuse and your solicitor is enabling it through ignorance! A solicitor with a better understanding of the issue might be more effective.

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