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Finances still to be sorted after divorce - any advice please

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thenewnormal2020 Sun 01-Nov-20 12:19:29

Could anyone tell me what happens if ex runs up debt / applies for loans whilst I'm still living in the matrimonial home with a joint mortgage. We are divorced and for the moment paying 50% of the mortgage each.

Is there anything out of the ordinary (house, pensions etc) that I need to be careful I don't get tripped up with because the divorce has gone through before we've sorted out the finances.

Thanks in advance.

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thenewnormal2020 Sun 01-Nov-20 12:22:38

Sorry I left out my manners (insert where appropriate) smile

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movingonup20 Sun 01-Nov-20 12:58:37

Have you changed so you are tenants in common - if not this is essential so you own 50% of the house once the mortgage is paid off, ensure you solicitor writes a clause that any debts after (date of separation) secured against the house is the responsibility solely of the person who took them out and comes out of their share! We have this written

thenewnormal2020 Sun 01-Nov-20 13:38:55

Thanks for responding. I’ll look into that.

Am I at risk until finances are sorted?

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StephenBelafonte Sun 01-Nov-20 14:09:24

Yes you are at potentially at risk until the finances are sorted.

Please don't take this as a criticism but I hope you don't me asking why you agreed to divorce before the finances were settled? Was there a particular hurry? It's just that its quite unusual to do that. Hope I don't sound harsh.

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