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I am forced to live in the UK how can I leave with my 4 years old?

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JellybeanZs Sun 27-Sep-20 21:42:26


I have left a country to give a birth to my child because the in-laws controlling behaviour and the partner's ignorant behaviour. I was freaked out of the NHS, (they did not accept my Hungarian professor's medical recommendation). Mother-in law pushed my EX to get me C-section brought forward 2 weeks just because SHE wanted to be there at birth.
Then my EX was constantly abused and harassed me on the phone we ended up in hospital with my baby.
We got in and out of hospital and he was persistent, that I lie and just keep our child away from him. Her mother had cancer, which was known for years, but the only thing mattered to my ex that mommy needs to see her grand child at any price. (that was the reason he made this child to please his mom as on the funeral speech it came to light).
He blackmailed me till I came back to this country, I was subject to his mental abuse for years (he insisted I have mental issues and I need to go to see someone) and even sexual abuse.(i did not dare to report him.. no evidence.. )
My little monkey was 2 and she had reflux, which was diagnosed as a mental problem in the UK, so I went back to Hungary spent 6-8k£ on travel and medication. Dad banned to give this medication to her (not in just this occasion), as it is unlicensed in the UK, his family reported me to social services with giving my daughter "illegal drugs".
We are on court proceeding. My daughter does not want to sleep over at his, and he cries to pick her up, this human being denied me to collect her.
As recently she can not take the medication she started to loose weight, appetite and started to vomit again.
Court status : "daddy has right to see his child". in the first 2.5 years he has not fed her, changed her nappy, or played with her (only with his computer). I bought food, clothes, pram everything..
And it looks the law is still on his side. He destroyed me health. He wants me to pay him half of the paid asset he has never paid a penny for, he is putting out life to financial risk, and you believe or not law does not care.
Where is the forum I could report him for mental, sexual and financial abuse? how can I leave the UK? I feel I can not do it any longer.. I do not dare to take antidepressants as it makes me really tired and sleepy and I am afraid of loosing my job, or my daughter harming herself..
He does not let me to get any help, he also asked me to pay rent after my dad- who cooked into his mouth, cleaned his house and he did not have to pay nursery as my dad looked after our daughter.. if you could advise.. I feel that noone believes me/ law does take his side.

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Lalaloveyou2020 Mon 28-Sep-20 15:00:04

Hi. Sorry you ended up in such a horrible situation. Firstly I would get in contact with women's aid. They might be able to suggest a way that you could legally go to Hungary. Though failing that you could probably just go - Hungary have an awful record of upholding the Hague convention. See Shaw v Hungary, Prizzia v Hungary...there are a lot of cases where mums have done a runner with their kids and the dads have gone all the way to the ECHR and still not had them returned. Who knows, with Brexit your partner may not even get to the ECHR. Having said that, you might end up with massive legal fees in Hungary. You probably won't be able to get child maintenance out of him (though he's not paying now, so that doesn't matter). Just think it all through carefully and consult with women's aid. You're not trapped in the UK. If he's not seeing his child and using the Hague to trap you in poverty and control you then the courts here might take your side.

JellybeanZs Mon 28-Sep-20 15:33:01

Thank you so much. star

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