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Claiming CMS whilst separates & living under same roo

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BloodyMiserable Tue 15-Sep-20 07:07:16

Thanks - he is a high earner (60K) so will have to pay it.

He does fuck all parenting & only wants 50/50 so he can minimise his maintenance.

I'd like to do 1 night a week, EOW & 50% of school holidays.

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likeamother Mon 14-Sep-20 22:38:21

We did this. He paid cms and I bought the groceries with it. Lenders want to see a minimum of 3 months into your account. Good luck op.

ChittyChittyBoomBoom Mon 14-Sep-20 22:34:27


If it's true 50/50 care he shouldn't be paying you anything.

If the op earns significantly less than her ex, he may still have to pay cm.

TrustTheGeneGenie Thu 10-Sep-20 20:29:01

If it's true 50/50 care he shouldn't be paying you anything.

millymollymoomoo Thu 10-Sep-20 20:26:24

You can claim cms while living together as I understand
Will he agree to pay you on a regular basis to show this ?

BloodyMiserable Thu 10-Sep-20 19:27:06

No, not spousal maintenance. It would be child maintenance.

Apparently lenders want to see regular/legally agreed CM payments before they will consider it for income. This will be put in place in a Minute if Agreement.

It would just be for the next few months, then I come off the title deeds/mortgage of the house here and in to my new place.

It was to help get an AIP.

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BloodyMiserable Thu 10-Sep-20 19:21:34

I am not keen on committing fraud!

It was just to demonstrate ongoing maintenance so that I can include it in borrowing, for when I come off the title deeds.

I really want to stay in the area where DC go to school, and am trying to investigate all possibilities before I blow their lives apart.

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TitianaTitsling Thu 10-Sep-20 19:19:46

Is this spousal maintenance?

LemonTT Thu 10-Sep-20 19:17:10

Your mortgage adviser is suggesting fraud. Is that what you want in an adviser.

BloodyMiserable Thu 10-Sep-20 10:46:05

According to the CMS website, he would have to pay £255 a month, even with 50-50 care.

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Crylittlesister Thu 10-Sep-20 10:33:06

If you have 50/50 care, why would he have to pay?

BloodyMiserable Thu 10-Sep-20 10:29:19

Is this even possible? My mortgage adviser has suggested I can use CMS payments for mortgage purposes, which would really help me a lot.

She has advised that I could put £250 a month more in to the joint account & he gives me £250 maintenance, so that a lender can see it coming in to my account. We will get a minute of agreement drawn up, stating an amount (which a lender will take, apparently).

We are still living unhappily under the same roof, but he is a high earner (60K). So even with 50-50 (which I am not in agreement with) - he would still have to pay.

Any thoughts?

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