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Statements of issues and questionnaire help!

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Ackers64S Sat 05-Sep-20 23:48:54

On fifth year of divorce proceedings!
You both have to provide five years of bank statements for all accounts. Banks, Building societies, etc.
On exchange of form E, then you can ask questions about his large expenditures, via Solicitor.
He has to, or you can apply for a court order for him to do so.
Approx £250. He would be a fool not to, as it would reflect badly on him.

He can't sell the house without your permission, if both on deeds.

Fightingback16 Sat 05-Sep-20 18:44:30

I don’t need evidence as it’s obvious on the back statements...£300 Hugo boss, £250 Superdry etc. It’s totally out of character. He has sent me emails to say he wants the house sold because he needs equity for a deposit as he has no money when he could have have saved easily over £30,000 this past year but has disposed of it all.

Can I bring this up, the fact he now requires equity immediately but was in the position to have saved a deposit?

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catkins22 Sat 05-Sep-20 17:31:25

You can ask for details/evidence of the destination of funds for withdrawals / transactions over e.g. £300.

There is a book, The Family Court without a Lawyer by Lucy Reed which has a very helpful section about divorce finances.

Fightingback16 Sat 05-Sep-20 09:08:43

I have another question if anyone is still there!!

From the info he has provided which is really minimum I have worked out that one whole year ago he had £25,000 in his accounts plus his salary over the year after tax of £28,000.

He has now only £8,000 in savings and in his bank left on his Form E, no expenditure included so I want to know how he has managed in a year to spend £45,000. Our mortgage was only £320 and I know all the bills as I used to pay them so he has managed to waste around £30,000 on going to the pub and clothes and just rubbish.

He has been pestering me via email that he needs the house sold so he can have a deposit for a place (he was abusive so he is not meant to contact me) If he hadn’t of wasted all this money he would not need this and it’s really annoyed me. I’m going for a transfer for me and daughter who is 4 as I have her 7 days a week. I feel he has deliberately wasted this money to force me to sell.

Is this something I can bring up!

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Fightingback16 Fri 04-Sep-20 23:05:34

Thank you

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DrunkOnEther Fri 04-Sep-20 20:23:05

I think you can ask things like:
The Respondent is requested to confirm that he has a safe in his property.
The Respondent is requested to confirm the whereabouts of a set of wedding rings belonging to the Applicant, valued for insurance purposes at £6000?
The Applicant has evidence of a large amount of cash located in the safe at the Respondent’s property. The Respondent is requested to disclose the amount and location of this money, and if not currently in the Respondent’s possession what he has done with it.
The Respondent is requested to provide estimates of his future financial needs.
The Respondent is requested to provide evidence of his current expenditure
Etc etc

If he hasn’t provided pension, mortgage, bank, credit card, loan etc statements then ask for them. Payslips, P60s, any company accounts too.

Fightingback16 Thu 03-Sep-20 18:27:44

Ok, so I'm busy with these 2 forms, which are really difficult given that my stbex has barely filled in any of his Form E.

Do all the questions I want asking have to be based on the Form E? Only I know and have photographic evidence of money hidden in his safe. He also forcibly removed my wedding rings and they were valued for insurance at £6,000 so he should have included it on his form considering they are in his safe also!

I don't really know what else to ask given that most things haven't been included, he hasn't done any expenditure or present or future needs.

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