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Help picking solicitor, cobham/weybridge

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gmailconfusion2 Wed 02-Sep-20 08:32:36


Sadly in need of a SHL, has anyone used and of these/or got recommendations?

Sarah Duckworth at Mundays
Rachel Lemon at Keystone law
Laura NAser at Pennington law


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familylawspecialist Thu 03-Sep-20 13:09:29

Hi there, just spotted this thread and thought I’d say hello. If you’d like to have a chat about your situation please feel free to drop me a line. Best wishes, Rachel

AllInTentsWithPorpoises Tue 08-Sep-20 12:25:08

I've not used them but I can recommend Howell Jones who have an office in Walton amongst other places. Katy Osborne is a Partner and she is fabulous but I have previously also seen Clare Marion there who was also really good.

Freshnewstart Thu 01-Oct-20 22:05:49

Hi all...HELP Please!

Had a Consent Hearing, Judge said wasn't fair to stbx, as I kept the asset (house) which I owned 7yrs prior to marriage, and always paid mortgage -by myself!. When married remortgaged and borrowed extra to pay his personal debts (£15k) and my personal, and for renovations to house. Married for only 3 yrs, separated now for over 3.5yrs.

Decree Nisi Aug 17 (only just applied for Absolute- was advised to wait until finances sorted). Judge directed first hearing (Form E) for disclosures. He agreed to transfer deeds to my young adult son, who is now joint owner with me, and had been contributing to help me since 2016 (sadly now unemployed).

Worried Judge will make me sell house. Can I argue house is only 50% mine? Options to give him money ie offer £10k? Early repayments (in fixed period) £13k - can he wait until I sell house after fixed rate ends? many questions

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