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Anyone got experience of relocating when a contact order is in place

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Relocatingtohome Sat 29-Aug-20 14:55:34

I have a difficult ex. Really hard.
We lived 6 hours drive from my home town when we divorced 4 years ago and there is a contact order in place. Every other weekend and half holidays for DC.

Due to covid and other issues. We want to relocate back to our home town 200 miles away. This is partly due to stress from ex, but also the fact we live in the sticks and there is no transport etc -and we want to be close to parents and the locals schools are awful etc. We were planning on going in 5 years and now thinking September 2021.
Our contact order says Child resides with me. I also have a non molestation order and other DC where there is no contact order and I have sole custody..
I have some health issues.

I've drafted an email -saying we plan to relocate and I want to discuss how we can ensure he has contact with DC.
I've not sent it yet.

The nature of my job is a sudden change. ie offered job and I have to resign and then new job would start within 8 weeks normally.

I have brought it up with ex several times in the past including by text but he ignores them and won't discuss it.
A GP would offer a letter of support for our health reasons.

Do I need to apply to the court to move? Or would he apply to block me?

Does anyone have experience of this?

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