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Changing my will

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Otter71 Sat 22-Aug-20 22:43:13

Anyone over 18 can hold the payout in trust. Do you have a sibling or bestie for example? My brother is down as mine.
You are right that the kids would go to their dad in the first instance but it is probably wise to also name guardians should both of you die young. Realistically though depending on the age of kids they will be asked too...
My death in service said they only have to have an NI number to get any payout direct so effectively 16...
The only advice I had is make sure it is clear that you are separated and do not want stbxh to receive whatever or some things will go to him regardless if you die before absolute.

Livandme Sat 22-Aug-20 17:29:35

Separated from h and divorce will be going ahead as soon as possible.
Few sticking points Re assets and pension but in the mneantime I have been adviced to change my will.
What sort of things do I need to consider?

We currently own as tenants in common and I presume children would go to him on my death if under 18.

My last will is out of date anyway so do need to change it.
Have small life insurance policy that is payable to dc only, but would h have to hold it in trust? I've only just sorted this out so not had paperwork through so I can see the detail.

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