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2yr separation, what if he disputes?

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ImFree2doasiwant Fri 21-Aug-20 15:38:09

It's coming up for 3 yrs since my husband moved out. We have not started divorce proceedings. He's told me he has, then not done it. I thought it would be better and nicer all round to wait 2 yrs then do it based on separation. Given that he's not started it himself, I'm going to, but wondering what will happen if he doesn't consent. Clearly then it can't go ahead. Does it look bad on me if I do it under unreasonable behaviour at that stage?

I was hoping to do the divorce myself, and use a solicitor forthe financial settlement, but it's looking increasingly likely I'll need to use a solicitor for all of it I think

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YorkshireTeaIsTheBest Fri 21-Aug-20 15:41:02

I'd file the papers online make it more tempting -say I'll cover the £550 so you can move on etc and we can be friendly and apply for it

ImFree2doasiwant Fri 21-Aug-20 15:47:56

Thats what i was hoping to do, but I'm .not sure he wants to move, that's the problem.

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ImFree2doasiwant Mon 24-Aug-20 01:26:45

Does anyone know the answer to this please? If he disputes the 2 yr separation, or doesn't consent, can I try again under unreasonable behaviour?

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MooseBeTimeForSummer Mon 24-Aug-20 01:40:48

How could he dispute it if he moved out?

ImFree2doasiwant Mon 24-Aug-20 10:06:23

He needs to agree to the divorce if it's under the 2yr ground.

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Houseorflat Tue 01-Sep-20 22:16:58

Yes if he doesn’t consent you can refile under UB but you may have to pay again, that’s the part I’m unsure of. So if in doubt go for UB from the beginning

Houseorflat Tue 01-Sep-20 22:17:20


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