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Heard nothing after mediation, now what?

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Crashpad Sat 15-Aug-20 12:00:43

Thank you, I can't afford a solicitor though.

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Palaver1 Fri 14-Aug-20 08:21:01

Sometimes you do need to engage a lawyer.
The mediator should have given this information to you.

Crashpad Tue 11-Aug-20 16:37:47

Thank you! Ok, well I will keep trying to get a hold of the agreement as a start.

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Tiddleypops Tue 11-Aug-20 13:48:28

I'm sure someone will offer experience here better than me, but my understanding is that the courts expect you to try mediation first (I read something about this when looking into applying for a child arrangement order, I think it was - a legal agreement on access anyway).
The fact that you have participated in mediation, come up with an agreement and then he hasn't stuck to it at all will look very poor on him.

It's bad that you haven't had anything from the mediator though? You will likely need that as it would show what you discussed and what was agreed. Also make sure you keep a record of all correspondence from him.

Crashpad Tue 11-Aug-20 12:54:05

My ex initiated mediation 6 weeks ago after accusing me of denying access. We negotiated terms, he picked up our child and returned them. Since then, ex was supposed to have weekly weekend access, as well as a host of other things he pushed for. However, he doesn't want to pick our child up for another month and isn't adhering to anything he oushe

pushed for and agreed to - it was a complete waste of time and a power play which I felt it would be.

On top of this and despite asking numerous times, I've not even recieved a copy of the agreement from the mediator with the terms outlined.

If this went to court, could I use anything from this situation as 'evidence'? I'm so drained and tired of these games.

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