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Consent order

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3gingerboys Fri 31-Jul-20 13:16:13

I thought that legal aid was available for divorce for victims of domestic abuse? Has your solicitor raised this and have you started divorce proceedings? A consent order can't be applied for until you have decree nisi but certainly shouldnt cost £1000!

Truimph Fri 31-Jul-20 10:35:07

Sorry, I would like to withdraw what I said above. It didn't account for the domestic abuse that you have suffered.

I think you best option, if you haven't done so already may be to seek legal aid.

Truimph Fri 31-Jul-20 10:33:05

Have you actually come to an agreement on how the finances should be dealt with? Have you had some solid legal advice on what you are agreeing is fair?

If the answer to either of those is no then you aren't really ready to produce a consent order. You'll may end up needing to go through the court process starting with Form A and a relatively small fee to the court. You can represent yourself throughout the process if you take the time to read up on the processes etc.

However, to start with it is worth getting an idea of what would be a fair deal, maybe using a free consultation that solicitors sometimes offers. Perhaps after this consultation you can make him a proposal and see if there is any possibility of coming to agreement without court action.

Upordown Thu 30-Jul-20 20:20:22

If you can work everything out between you (I did a spreadsheet with everything we owned plus the debt and created the split), the solicitor just puts it in the appropriate form and sends it off. Cost was £450.

loungewearisthewaytogo Thu 30-Jul-20 12:45:54

Sorry to hear you're going through this OP, I did consent order through a solicitor so I can't give any advice on the online process I'm afraid. Is there not some kind of legal aid you could get????

AngryAF1 Thu 30-Jul-20 08:48:33

Hi, Has anyone used a consent order online service and had good results. My ex is not being helpful at all and wont contribute to anything with regards to the divorce or financial settlement. I am on a very low income and my family are supporting me but I have already been told my solicitor needs £1000 to start the process which I cant scrape together anytime soon. Is it worth using my solicitor or going with an alternative company. Thanks

We split last year due to domestic abuse, coercive control and rape. He after a month was in a relationship with someone else, they moved in together and he has agreed to hand the house over to me as he cant afford to pay rent and mortgage. There is a huge amount of debt on this mortgage and very little equity to take out. We have 2 children 4/6 so I feel keeping the house is within their best interests.

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