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Can my ex-husband put mortgage in his name?

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Alittlelost5 Fri 24-Jul-20 20:29:55

I’m in the early stages of separating from my husband. He is a high earner and I will have no income while I care for my young children for the next few years. He wants me to continue living in the same area as we currently live however even with the money from the sale of our current family home a bank would be unlikely to lend me enough money due to us living in a very expensive area. He has suggested perhaps putting the mortgage in his name but the house itself will be solely owned by me. Can this happen? Has anyone done this before, is it risky? I’m trying to find a solution which doesn’t involve me having to move to a cheaper area much further away from him and my family

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Alittlelost5 Fri 24-Jul-20 20:39:53

Or alternatively, would a bank be likely to lend me money if my only current income is universal credit and child maintence payments?

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Aquicknamechange2019 Fri 24-Jul-20 21:25:55

I don't think a mortgage company would grant a mortgage on a property that's not in his name, no.

Try calling a broker for advice?

puzzledpiece Fri 24-Jul-20 21:58:41

Does he mean you rent a house he will own?

SteinhamGloria Sat 25-Jul-20 17:54:45

OP. I responded to another of your posts because you sounded so sad. If you genuinely want to sort things out, then go and ask a solicitor. It doesn’t have to cost much for an initial consultation. You seem to want free and easy answers about complicated matters.

First of all, if your husband is a high earner then you won’t have ‘no income’ for the next few years as the law is there to help distribute his finances within his family. Be it an ex wife and their children. Contrary to what armchair mumsnet would have you believe, spousal maintenance is alive and kicking for the very reason of helping separated people get on their feet over the first few years.

The house matter would also be sorted if you asked a professional.

You sound like you could be completed shafted by your already deceitful husband and you need to protect yourself and the children. Go and get advice with all your questions ready.

Alittlelost5 Sat 25-Jul-20 20:52:11

Thankyou yes I’ve already had a quick over the phone initial consultation with a solicitor but am going to organise a proper one, I was just waiting until I’m slightly less emotional and will be able to hopefully sit through it without bawling my eyes out the whole time haha

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GhostOfMe Sun 26-Jul-20 22:05:44

If a bank was willing to do it they'd want the mortgage to be in both your names as the bank wouldn't be able to claim against the property in the case of default if the mortgage was in only his name and the property in yours. It's possible a bank might be willing to lend in this way, though in the current financial climate it will be difficult.

An alternative would be to remain in current house and split the equity by becoming tenants in common. Specific proportions of equity can be owned by each party this way. But either strategy is risky and leaves you at the mercy of your ex. He might be happy to pay the mortgage right now, that doesn't mean he'll be happy to long term.

loungewearisthewaytogo Sun 26-Jul-20 22:22:17

OP why would you want to be tied to him financially? He'll have control over you even after you've left. You don't have to stay in the same area, he may want you to but it's not his decision xx

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