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I'm lost, need advice on divorce

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Neena19 Wed 22-Jul-20 20:08:36

Does anyone know if the online divorce is valid in Northern Ireland? Swear wish I had thought the getting married through abit more 😂🙈

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LemonTT Tue 21-Jul-20 23:44:57

You can google unreasonable grounds options. But it can be things like is reckless with family money. Stays out all night. Causes conflict with other family members.

It can all be done on line. And yes use wikivorce to guide you.

Enough4me Tue 21-Jul-20 23:36:51 online could help.

For the financial split, which can take more work than the divorce, you cannot both use the same solicitor even though you get on. They need to impartially help you. You could get your documents together and agree a fair resolution first to speed things up.

Neena19 Tue 21-Jul-20 23:31:38

Yeah just how divorce works? My sister has been divorced but that was many years back and I know laws update so thought I'd reach out online incase anyone had been through this more recent.
We are civil, we work alongside eachother to provide for the child and her shared time with us both.
Its more just so we can finally be untied so to speak. What all would qualify for unreasonable behaviour?
Also do you or anyone else know anything about the options of online divorce? All i know is that it is cheaper. Neither one of us can really afford it but definitely want to go ahead somehow the sooner the better really

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LemonTT Tue 21-Jul-20 01:17:36

Do you need advice on the process of divorce or how to agree a financial settlement.

I assume NI is not that different and you have 2 options. First you could either wait another year to divorce on the grounds of separation, provided he doesn’t object. Or you could use unreasonable behaviour and do it immediately. The unreasonable behaviour doesn’t need to be about his binge drinking. Any old random unreasonable behaviour can do. The less personal the better.

Finance is another story and really should be addressed and legally agreed before the divorce is finalised. Even if there is bugger all in the pot. It’s important to sever the financial ties formally. You don’t want him laying claim to assets years down the line when they have grown.

Neena19 Mon 20-Jul-20 13:16:53

My H and I have been split a year and living separately. We simply weren't working and to be perfectly honest being with him was a nightmare due to binge drinking.
We have a child and I don't want to drag the drink thing up due to this.
We have both agreed on divorce as best option, we already have a good setup for days he has the child.
We just need to get the divorce going ASAP.
Any advice would be greatly appreciated, we live in Northern Ireland, he currently doesn't work and I'm about to go back to studying

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