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Universal Credit - when can I start claiming?

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Imnotwonderwoman Sun 12-Jul-20 13:27:57

Sorry if this is a daft question but if I move out of the family home following separation and buy a new place (which will be mortgaged) - can I start claiming UC immediately? I have seen the 39 week rule but I think that's just for second homes and mortgage interest loans. Is this correct?

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PicaK Sun 12-Jul-20 13:46:42

You can claim once you separate

Mummymacd Sun 12-Jul-20 13:49:10

We had a joint claim with UC following lockdown. I messaged to ask when I can claim as a single person and they said from when I deem myself to be separated, so even though he isn’t still under the same roof , we are not a couple and I have changed the claim x

Mummymacd Sun 12-Jul-20 13:49:58

That should say he is under same roof

Imnotwonderwoman Sun 12-Jul-20 15:36:23

That’s really interesting @Mummymacd - I always worked on the assumption that I would have to have moved out of the house. We have been living separately since just before lockdown under the same roof but not financially.

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millymoo1202 Wed 15-Jul-20 22:33:39

I thought you couldn’t claim if still under the same roof but no you can, I stupidly left it almost 6 months before enquiring

FlowerAndBloom Thu 16-Jul-20 18:39:32

I also left it too long, it's as soon as you decide you are separate. If you rent instead of buy then you get some housing paid

jigglypuffcookie Fri 17-Jul-20 00:16:02

I got told I couldn't claim as he is still in the same house? Is this wrong? Can I claim?

cuntryclub Fri 17-Jul-20 01:34:51

Will you be able to get a mortgage with such a low income that you qualify for UC?

Notrightbutok Fri 17-Jul-20 01:38:27

I had to claim when I got keys to my rented home even though I didn't move in until 2 weeks after as I had no furniture. I made it very clear to the advisor at my interview as I didn't want to get in trouble but they said I had to start my claim from that date in order to get housing benefit covered. I was still in my ex's house during that time.

HooNoes Fri 17-Jul-20 01:43:31

You may be able to claim, but if you have a mortgage, they won't pay that, so how are you going to pay it?

Mummymacd Fri 17-Jul-20 07:22:12


I got told I couldn't claim as he is still in the same house? Is this wrong? Can I claim?

I was told directly by universal credit that you can claim as a single person when you deem you are separate.

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