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Financial abuse - should I sue?

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blubberball Sun 12-Jul-20 07:46:23

Hi, I experienced financial abuse in my marriage when my exh took my card and used my money for every day spending and bills instead of his own money. This was when I was unable to work due to my disability . He stopped working too because he couldn't be bothered to work, and was very unsupportive and controlling in general. He had significant savings from living off me and being extremely tight with money over the years. He had saved over 60k.

We are now separated and divorced (which I paid for). He still does not work, and so pays zero child maintenance. He has been living off other women in relationships since. I am trying to get a divorce settlement, but he lied to the mediation and said that he had no money now, and had spent all the money, which is bullshit.

should see a solicitor for financial abuse, and what might the outcome might be? Or is it best to just walk away?

The settlement needs to be done, because he wants to get married again.


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Alwayscheerful Sun 12-Jul-20 08:19:15

I am bumping for you , my friend is in a similar position £150k spent or misappropriated over 5 years.

Friend has reported to the police as financial abuse because the missing money did not not come to light until his solicitor questioned her bank balance.
Mare you considering a private prosecution?

blubberball Sun 12-Jul-20 08:27:13

Thanks. I have reported to police on advice of a solicitor, but no further action was taken at the time. Just wasn't sure if it was actually worth it, because justice is so expensive.

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Alwayscheerful Sun 12-Jul-20 09:00:54

I am actively trying to help my friend. Suggest researching "add backs"
There is a precedent divorce case where a judge added back £150k to the wife's settlement, the husband had either spent or saved the money it was never revealed but in the settlement is it was added back as if he had received it.

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