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Non-molestation order

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Vickyglitz Thu 09-Jul-20 23:08:29

Who has gotten one and how easy was it? What behaviour qualifies?

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shellb2016 Fri 10-Jul-20 16:53:06

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BPSCSS Fri 17-Jul-20 22:38:52

I got one following domestic violence (he was the violent one), it was an absolute game changer. I also got an occupancy order and litigated them both in person (well by phone) myself. Emotionally they are hard as you have to provide a chronology, I had a strong case but have friends who got them on less robust cases. You basically give examples of abusive behaviour, no one behaviour needs to be horrendous although in my case one was. I got lots of support from NCDV who provided a free service, a template and helped with two rewrites. The court hearing is really easy, no questions were asked and the judge was human and kind. Would highly recommend getting one it changed my life.

BraverThanYouBel1eve Sat 18-Jul-20 21:54:11

I would talk to a solicitor as it highly depends on the details of your situation which you can't disclose on a public forum. Most solicitors have first call/session free, how much time you get varies, but even 15mins if you're well prepared can you give you a lot of useful information.

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