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Feeling like I’m cheating on my ex and my child - please help

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IvyMayaZ Tue 07-Jul-20 22:16:50

My husband cheated on me 7-8months ago (we were together 5years and have a son who is 3). I started seeing someone new recently - still not sure if it’s gonna work out. My ex and I are friends. He regrets what he’s done and wants us to be a family. I am done with him. However when I go out to see a new man I feel like I’m cheating - I say bye to my ex and my son and they are waving at me good byes between the doors while I’m going to see my new man and I’m really feeling guilty on the way to my date(and when with him for a short moments). When does this feeling stop? I’m at the breaking point...

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karma1979 Wed 08-Jul-20 15:51:06

Hi there. If you're feeling that way I'd say it sounds to me like you're not ready to be dating just yet. Seems like there's a bunch of unresolved feelings. Are you really over your ex? Do you have proper closure in your relationship and is he aware of your new relationship? Or is he is some way trying to make you feel guilty? Like how he is certainly feeling. Dating should be a whole lot of fun. If it's not fun I'd say time to re-examine things. My DH cheated too btw but he actually moved on with the OW...

blisstwins Wed 22-Jul-20 01:32:09

I am sure you are not even divorced yet and it sounds like you are still living with your husband. FInish what you need to before moving on. There is no rush. A marriage is a big deal and there is a child. You have not done anything wrong, but your feelings are telling you to slow down and process. When the dust settles take a moment before you begin to date.

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