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Jessyjayne Mon 06-Jul-20 09:05:24

Hi I am new to all this. I am going though IVF at the moment two weeks into my injections I already have a child from previous relationships. My husband has no child hence why we doing IVF. I found out last week my ex partner is taking me back to court for the 4 time. Saying I ve broke a order which haven't as he had stopped contact just stopped messaging 7 months ago. I was told I dont have to chase him for his contact just to make our child available. My son doesn't want to do contact have to make him thats what I was told. Long story short. Ex has mental health problems. Our child is also type1 diabetic which ex wont stick at the training so contact is supervised by myself as son wont stay with him. Ten minutes we were doing contact and let's just say he would threaten me with court or solicitor every few months if it wasnt going his way. Right so now not heard from him for 7 months not even though lockdown even though our child is at risk. But heard nothing til this court letter. The date they doing court is the day I have my embryo s taken out. This is my first IVF we are paying private. It's already stressful. This on top. I am trying to get the date moved. As mentally it be very hard to do both and want to give us the best chance of having a baby as we been trying for 4 years. Beginning of this year my husband finally found out he could have children. He loves my son to bits he amazing with. I am wanting some advice. I wanted my IVF experience to be nice and to give us the best shot.

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Lonecatwithkitten Mon 06-Jul-20 10:15:52

The courts will consider date changes where there are medical appointments for which date can not be changed. You need to show that the appointment existed prior to the court informing you of the date.
Initially you should try and agree an adjournment with the other party and then both contacted the court, if this impossible you can apply to the court alone. Do you have a solicitor if so this is a job for them.

Jessyjayne Mon 06-Jul-20 10:55:41

No dont have solicitor as cant afford one. I ve had solicitor each time as been doing in for 7 years. Child is 8. When we do agree in court like the last time I though finally we getting somewhere came into it with clean slate. He keep his solicitor involved and was saying I said stuff then sending messaging threatening court. He threaten that for 2 years then december of last year stopped hearing from him he stopped contact and I received this. I ve told myself this time I will not put my son though it no more as its dangerous. As they was plenty occasions were he left my son when had a hypo lucky I was there. I have emailed the court. As that what they said to do waiting to hear back. I ve had the IVF date for weeks last Thursday was when received the letter. Thanks for replying.

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justchecking1 Tue 14-Jul-20 15:30:37

If the contact is always supervised by you, could you not just reinstate it when it's convenient? This may save you needing to go to court at all.

Jessyjayne Tue 14-Jul-20 15:48:36

Hi. Its unsafe to do so. As he refuses to learn child diabetes training. Child doesnt want contact. Unsafe for me now at this time. This is 5 time at court. He takes me back every time not got his way.
Thank you for replying.

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pointythings Wed 15-Jul-20 14:44:03

The diabetes issue is very, very serious - was this not addressed in court as a major risk to your son? You need to provide medical evidence that you cannot make the date set by the court and then get your medical ducks in a row - statements from the medical staff involved. If your ex will not support the management of his DS' diabetes then he is a threat to your son's life.

Jessyjayne Wed 15-Jul-20 15:42:48

The solicitor I had at the time. Was useless. I am a lot younger than my ex 15 years difference. I ve never felt listen to. So this time I am having no solicitor. Standing up for my son n his voice and his health. N It will not be happening contact. Have to go though me. He is a risk to him. This time I be putting in a prevent order to stop him taking me back. Putting my son though this. As this 5 time. Thank you for your reply

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