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I want to divorce

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puzzledpiece Tue 07-Jul-20 18:54:58

You need to see if you can have an hour with a solicitor to discuss the implications financially. Unless your inheritance was ring fenced when the house was purchased, he could take 50% because even inheritance money is part of the marital pot.

wheretostart101 Thu 02-Jul-20 11:40:35

I really want to divorce my husband. But I'm financially completely dependent. I have no employment history. I have children who are dependent (one has SEN) To make matters worse he's been given a job overseas (obviously not moved due to covid) - he has started the job from here (it's a global company) and the exchange rate would half the money available and be terrible for the children. Of course I know I'm entitled to 50% - we've been married nearly 20 years. The sale of our current home is underway as we were meant to emigrate - there is a large deposit in the house, which belongs entirely to me (inheritance). I can not see being able to sort the marriage out and frankly I don't want to - I don't like him let alone love him anymore. He will use anything against me and will be as difficult as possible. I don't have any actual friends or family support. I'm now torn between being forced into staying for the kids with someone I actually hate and possibly denying my kids any support.

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