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Police Visit

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catkins22 Fri 08-May-20 11:12:10


Ex husband and I going through divorce, child arrangements and financials as his plan was for me to just leave the house (comes as part of his job) and our children with him full time, which I am not in agreement with. He also left earlier this year, without notice, saying he had mental health problems and returned a month later.

The issue is that this week, he called the police and accused me of being violent towards him. The police interviewed us and our son, which was the saddest part for me. The truth came out that dad was pushing our son around and he retaliated.

Should I mention in my Child arrangements statement that stbxh made false allegations to the police and involved our son in the situation?

I tried to call stbxh solicitor yesterday to suggest until the matters are resolved through court, in the interim ex and I agree to live outside the home on the days we are not looking after the children. I look after them 5 days and he 2 days.

I want our children to live in a peaceful environment and I don't want them to move here and there. Once the Court processes are finalised, we can move to a permanent new home.

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