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Schools and other parents rights

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Devlesko Sun 26-Apr-20 16:28:27

Maybe schools won't be going back and you'll be home educating anyway.
It's not looking likely atm, until schools can socially distance.

Anyway, you don't need his signature, only if still together.

NamechangeOnceMore Sun 26-Apr-20 16:14:38

This is a legal issue with a legal answer. If both parents have PR, then, regardless of who the child lives with, both parents have to agree on school choice. If the parents can't agree, it will have to be decided by the court - I.e. one of you needs to apply for a court order specifically on this matter. Sorry, OP, I'm sure that's not what you wanted to hear. If your ex won't agree with your school choice, you need to apply for a Specific Issue Order. If Dad doesn't have much contact, and your school choice is sensible, I imagine you have a good chance of getting the outcome you want. If you can afford it, it would be wise to speak to a solicitor.

Appuskidu Sat 25-Apr-20 09:52:14

Surely the places have all been allocated now anyway?

Rhubardandcustard Sat 25-Apr-20 09:48:16

If he starts school in September now it’s too late anyway. Is this the school you were allocated and applied for in secondary submissions? What school did he want him to go to and why don t you agree with his choice?

Rhubardandcustard Sat 25-Apr-20 09:46:52

Does your son live with you? do you have parental responsibility? Tell them you are divorced and have pr and only you’ll be signing the documents, they can’t always insist on both parents/guardians signature this isn’t always possible for many reasons.

OhioOhioOhio Sat 25-Apr-20 09:44:05

I don't know but appreciate your nightmare.

PicaK Sat 25-Apr-20 09:32:54

Do you have PR?

useless65 Fri 24-Apr-20 22:58:56

My son starts secondary in sept. I want him to go to a particular school but his father does not agree. Father has nearly no involvement in his son's life - sees very little of him as father sadly has mental health issues - . Father has written me a long letter telling me I am making the wrong choice. Father is v difficult to deal with. School is asking for farther's signature on the registration documents. I doubt father will give it to me. Can anyone advise if the school legally has to have father's consent or can they just accept my permission. Hoping you can help - I have to deal with this v quickly.

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