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Consent Order

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AshleyM2020 Mon 13-Apr-20 11:46:00

After more than 2 years since separating, a year of mediation, we finally agreed our financial settlement in August last year, we then had to wait for pension valuations and solicitor was a bit useless in getting drafted consent order out to us both, but it was finally done in February and sent to court, has anyone recently sent their consent order to the courts and can give advice on roughly how long it took to come back sealed ? Ex is now saying there is a Covid 19 order that we can apply for as most of his settlement is in stocks/shares (which have obviously decreased in value) and I am getting the equity in our house (which was on the market and I had an offer which I accepted in February, but he refused to sign the paperwork unless I gave him an additional £20k, on top of our agreement, so i decided to wait until I get decree absolute to remarket property, and obviously will now take significantly longer to sell due to current situation). Has anyone ever heard of a Covid 19 order ? I appreciate his stocks/shares will have reduced, as will our pensions, and no doubt the house valuation will drop, but I have had enough and don't know how much longer I can go on, both financial and emotionally. He has lied so much already about his assets, but I have spent a fortune already on solicitors, so I just want this all to be over with. He hasn't paid the sum to me agreed to pay on the signing of the consent order, and is now reducing his maintenance payments, nothing I can do about that as he lives abroad in a country where the Uk CMS has no jurisdiction, so I just want things to be finalised between us and I can move on, but I am worried that if he does apply for this Covid 19 order (which I can find nothing about online) that things are going to drag on more and more....

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millymollymoomoo Mon 13-Apr-20 12:21:56

I don’t think there is such an order
Although if I was him I’d also want to revisit as asset values undoubtedly will be hit
I guess it depends how much assets there are and how much are impacted

Was the consent order signed ? If So I do t think it can be reopened

Secretsout Mon 13-Apr-20 12:27:09

I'm not legal at all and haven't heard anything about a Covid order.

I suspect you Ex is just trying to be difficult and renegotiate your deal. What would have happier his shares had jumped up in value? Would he be quite so keen to renegotiate in those circumstances?

If I were you I'd be inclined to phone the court tomorrow and find out where the order is at and stay out of comms with your Ex. If you can get is approved ASAP you'll be fine.
I'm not sure what the situation is if someone changes their mind whilst the order is pending at court?
When mine was sealed 2 years ago I chased it after 2 weeks and once I called them it was done within 2 days. It then sat in the post pile for a couple of weeks but they had already emailed me a copy.

I've had to enforce my court order in the last couple of weeks and my court have acted rapidly (48 hours as opposed to the usual 1 month) so I wonder if they are actually pretty quiet as there's no face to face hearings. This is a local court rather than the regional divorce courts.

I've also had some paperwork transferred to CAPS and again, it's been dealt with within 48 hours.

Secretsout Mon 13-Apr-20 12:28:46

Sorry for the typos but I'm on my phone and didn't proof read before sending. I hope you get the gist.

Good luck

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