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Form D11

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cece Mon 30-Mar-20 13:21:21

My ex has not signed the divorce petition and returned to court so I need to move things forward.

The petition has been sent to him twice. The first time he emailed me and clearly stated he'd received the divorce petition. The second time I got a WhatsApp message.

Can I use these as my evidence that he's received both the petitions please?

The divorce phone line is closed for general enquires.

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GemmaFoster Sat 04-Apr-20 07:34:01

It depends on the grounds for Divorce. 5year sep or UB you can use D11 to provide proof. For 2 year separation / adultery the law states that the respondent has to sign.

cece Sat 04-Apr-20 07:47:18

Thanks. I've gone for unreasonable behaviour.

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GemmaFoster Thu 09-Apr-20 06:29:26

In that case send in your D11 with as much evidence as possible. Only a judge can decide whether to grant it, so over supply info. You will need more than a few screen prints of text messages, emails. You have to prove beyond doubt that the person sending the messages is the named respondent. Then send it all in with your D84, D80B and fee for the D11. - £50 or another help with fees code / form if you are eligible. Good luck.

user1486131602 Sat 18-Apr-20 23:49:26

D11 form is £2 in England and Wales if there was abuse ( any form)
Go to the court website download and fill in form pay fee and screenshots texts etc WILL be enough to get divorce granted.
I know from my recent experience. Be sure to find the best solicitor you can afford as this will drastically improve the odds of getting what’s due to you.
Do NOT apply for absolute u til financials are done.

Good luck

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