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COVID19 - ex saying he can move back in

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MenopausalMrs Mon 16-Mar-20 15:55:57

Ex and I split 18 months ago, I have been living in matrimonial home ever since and paying the full mortgage and all the bills myself. He was in rental but moved back in with his parents to save money. He has our children 1 or 2 nights per week.

We have a consent order which has been approved, where I buy him out or we split proceeds 50/50. This was only approved last week so I haven't even got it back from my solicitor.  

He is now saying his parents (age 65, no underlying health issues) are going into self isolation with immediate effect, and he needs to move out of their home.  He said that he has been told he is within his rights to move back into the marital home.

He is also saying that he will not be able to have the children overnight at all during this time.  I have agreed to this, and told him he can see them whenever he wants.

I'm concerned he could just turn up and move back in.  

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Otter71 Tue 17-Mar-20 07:02:34

I guess theoretically if the house is still nominally half his he can live there.
But his parents telling him to move out so they self isolate doesn't really sound like the whole story? Is it not more likely he annoyed then or made out it was only for a few days or weeks?

JaggySplinter Tue 17-Mar-20 11:07:32

I suggest that in the immediate short term, you develop a cough so he can't move in (ie you are isolated in your house). Then get legal advice and see what you can do in the longer term. I'd not let my stbxH back in, but there was abuse in our relationship so it would be very damaging to the children and me.

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