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C100 and C1A forms

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atr79gb Sat 14-Mar-20 12:51:41

I'm in the process of completing the C100 and C1A and will send these off in the next few days.

I understand there is at least a 3-4 week turnaround to get an initial court date. Does anyone know at what point copies of my C100 and C1A will be sent to my ex?

This is a high conflict and acrimonious divorce and I'm expecting her to perceive the contents of the C100 and C1A as highly contentious.

Am I correct in assuming she would be sent copies of the forms prior to the first hearing?

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themarkofthemaker Sat 14-Mar-20 14:42:46

yes, you should also expect to see similar C1a from her

themarkofthemaker Sat 14-Mar-20 14:47:46

it will be difficult to move forward in terms of child arrangements while living in the same house unless you can give the court some idea of the end state by the way, at least have some idea of where you will move to and whether it will be close by. It may be easier to progress on financial split first.

atr79gb Sat 14-Mar-20 15:46:35

@themarkofthemaker - thanks, I understand your concern.

My ex has completely refused to engage at all and mediation has completely failed. I've been advised to try and get the child arrangements order in place first so she can't then go back to the court and reduce my number of days with the children.

Essentially she would like to stay in the house and continue to have me pay for everything so she doesn't have to work. I understand that's not a realistic expectation from her side but I'm a little wary of agreeing finances until the child arrangements order is in place.

I would welcome a second opinion though.

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themarkofthemaker Sat 14-Mar-20 20:27:01

You can certainly proceed in that order, I just wanted to raise the possibility that your case might be adjourned if the judge or magistrates can't see where both parties will be living at the end of it. Might not happen though, they might be satisfied with "general" information.

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