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Application for a divorce Q10.1 and 11.3

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cheerup Wed 11-Mar-20 13:17:55

I'm looking to submit this myself rather than instructing a solicitor. I'm confused about the question regarding financial orders. I intend to instruct a solicitor to draft a consent order covering our marital home, child maintenance and pensions/other assets based on our informal agreement and understand this will be need to be applied for and agreed by the court separately. So do I tick yes or no, for myself as the petitioner, for our dependents?

Thanks, the rest of the form appears straight forwards.

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SSc45 Wed 11-Mar-20 13:45:23

Hiya, I ticked no but can still apply for financial order as it requires separate paperwork anyway and needs submitting before absolute. Id tick yes for yourself as the petitioner and then send off the consent order with form a as soon as you can! If you have rac breakdown cover you can call them for legal advice for free and they will tell you what to put. I signed up for a years cover just for the legal advice, only cost me the price of a policy and they have been amazing!!!

cheerup Thu 12-Mar-20 20:43:58

@SSc45 thanks - hadn't thought of that. I've got legal cover through work employee assistance, will call them tomorrow.

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