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Advice on clear cut agreement

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snoppy53 Thu 27-Feb-20 19:59:07

Hi all,

Could really do with some advice from anyone who's been through this.......

Long story short....divorce is complete and child arrangement confirmed...all is and both of us are in new relationships. However..... one thing is outstanding... marital home was sold last year and the agreement was to split 50/ the property was in his name money went to him. It had been agreed that he would pay the money straight away, then it became ill pay you some money but will hold the rest back until a clear cut agreement is signed.

This has taken months to arrange and I signed off today (I want nothing from this man going forward) but he still refuses to send the outstanding balance. I'm at the point where I feel like this is delaying tactics or something else is going to the point of going back to a solicitor and going for the spousal support etc as I feel I'm being taken advantage off.

What are thoughts on I over reacting?


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Otter71 Thu 27-Feb-20 21:09:29

When you say clean break signed today is that you signed paperwork to go to the court or it was sealed by the court? If the former, probably a way off yet....

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