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Feathered Sat 15-Feb-20 15:58:45

Has anyone got experience of dealing with a business in divorce. My husband is most likely undervaluing his, of which I own 50% of shares. I think if the property is valued honestly it would be worth more than our property. He obviously needs to run it, though. It has provided our income. Without any part of it (Which is what his valuing would suggest) i will be scraping by. This whole process is exhausting. I've lost a stone since Christmas. Great but not great.

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MarieG10 Sat 15-Feb-20 17:24:39

Depending on the business and number of employees it could be very easy for him to close and reopen it. It really will,be worth zilch. Depends how much it is focussed around his talent?

You would need a specialist lawyer for that. Before you rush off consider if paying at least £300+vat an hour and maybe more for,a specialist will be recovered in an enhanced award. Loads of posters on here shout to to the lawyers but few people can really afford it

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