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I feel like it’s not getting any easier! Help!

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Gooddaysandbad Sun 26-Jan-20 18:30:21

Husband left in October... the separation is his decision and I don’t really want it but what can you do. The hardest part by a mile is our DD sharing her time between us. She’s 16 so what time she spends where is driven largely by her ie, her college schedule, her job and her social life but works out she’s about half the week with us both and I miss her like crazy when she’s there but I was adjusting. Ex H has recently been away with work for 2 weeks and DD been solely with me... it’s been bliss and I almost felt like a normal little family again. Tonight he’s back and came to collect her and I just feel broken again.. tearful and despairing. When am I going to get over this? I just want to be ok with it.

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alwaysmovingforwards Sun 26-Jan-20 20:53:12

You just need to adapt to a new reality. Fill the time with social life / hobbies, fire your own passions.

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