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Separation and house

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paris100 Mon 20-Jan-20 14:15:33

We agreed to separate last May, but due to my ex burying his head in the sand, things have dragged on.
He’s now found somewhere to rent and is moving at the end of this month. We agreed that for stability for our children, I would stay in the house and try to buy him out. I’m struggling to get a mortgage due to working part time (this was a decision taken to be home for the children, but now I feel disadvantaged) and things have not yet been agreed between solicitors as ex H will only accept me having a 50:50 split.
Anyway, as he’s moving and paying rent I have to cover all the mortgage, household bills etc, childcare etc and he will be paying me a figure as per the CMS calculator. Our house is still owned by us both and nothing has been signed over to him yet.
I feel stuck and will be financially crippled. I’m going to see a mortgage advisor next week but wondered if anyone has any advice. I realise I’ll need to go back to full time work.

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waterSpider Mon 20-Jan-20 17:26:31

Check your benefits entitlement, eg. on "entitledto". People often forget to claim the Council Tax reduction when only one adult.

A broker may be able to help with knowing which lenders will include benefit income and child support.

Let him move out, establish the pattern of childcare … then go for more than 50% of the assets!

Ss770640 Mon 20-Jan-20 18:54:05

"then go for more than 50% of the assets!"

That should read 50% of what you contributed during marriage.

Unless you stayed at home for 10 years

HeddaGarbled Mon 20-Jan-20 19:00:23

If you’re the resident parent, you need more than 50%. Isn’t your solicitor advising you on this? Realistically, you may need to sell and buy cheaper, but you’ll still need more than 50% of the equity. Don’t forget to include his pension in the marital assets pot.

paris100 Mon 20-Jan-20 20:28:42

HeddaGarbled yes, my solicitor was advising on this, but because things were taking so long for anyone to agree to anything, I was just going to take 50% rather than incur the costs of going to court.
Nothing is finalised so I might go back and argue for more if possible.

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