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How can we hurry her up to sign the papers?

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Lou141 Wed 15-Jan-20 13:22:44

My partner and his ex wife have been separated for years and started legal wranglings/divorce over two and a half years ago.

In essence, they have agreed the bones of the financial consent order, he pays agreed maintenance, he has divided up assets to her and has obliged with the clauses of the draft consent order. She has been taking the agreed £££ sums as per the draft consent order.

HOWEVER, the order is still not agreed by her entirely as she keeps amending and adding clauses but my partner's position has always been the same, so he takes the clauses out. She's gotten a good deal out of the divorce. Over time, they have both run out of money to pay for legal fees so it gets put on hold. This has stopped and started too many times.

She now wants a clause (FPR 2010, rule 12.73(1)(b)) to enable the CMS (CSA) to be shown the financial remedy order (so that overtime she can produce the consent order to the CSA to show them what terms he has agreed). As we all know the consent order is only valid for a year. So what's the benefit of this clause to the child maintenance service? It's another change he doesn't want to agree to.

So now they are at stale mate.

The nisi was produced about 9 months ago.

She still has to sign the consent order as well as sort the legal charge out for the mortgage/house issue before the absolute can be produced.

In her private life, she has had 4 relationships since they broke, she's gone on holidays, she has a new wardrobe most weeks - so I believe she is doing fine.

Is there any other way in making her agree the order so my partner can get this matter to rest for good?

Any advice would be helpful.

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Lonecatwithkitten Wed 15-Jan-20 17:28:36

Without going to court until she wants something.
Are their lump sums due to be paid - these should be held back till order is finalised.
My Nisi was issued in October 2013 my consent order was eventually completed in August 2017 due my ExHs procrastinations - it was only June 2017 when he lost his job that it all became urgent!

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